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Vinyl vs Paint: Top 4 Reasons to go vinyl.

If you have ever researched different ways to advertise you business, you have probably come across vinyl wraps as a very cost effective solution. Although, vinyl wraps are used mostly for business purposes, they do hold value with the customization industry.

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Using the same process for a regular business wraps, premium vinyl can be used to transform the color and finish of a vehicle, known as “color change” wraps. Popular manufactures such as: 3M, Avery, and Hexis have caught onto this trend and created a wide range of color and finish options for the consumer.

The increasing debate is “why not just get a paint job? Here are the Top 4 reason that I would get a wrap over a paint job.

1. Cost

With anything you buy in life, you do get what you pay for. There will always be a cheap option out there for you to choose, but this is one time that you don’t want to do that. Buying cheap vinyl means you are going to be getting cheap laminate. Laminate being what protects the vinyl material from the environment, should not be over looked as an important factor.

All that being said, professional paint jobs price is far greater than one of a vinyl wrap. According to Costhelper.com, a high end paint job can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $20,000. This will get you a paint job that will last the life time of the vehicle and the technician would be top notch.

The average price for a color change wrap is around $1,500-$3,500 depending on what material is chosen and complexity of the job. When using premium materials and laminate and installed correctly by a professional shop, these color change wraps can last 5-7 years if the car is taken care of.

2. Protection

The vinyl used in car wraps actually protect the car and original paint job by acting as a clear bra on the entire vehicle. The vinyl will block the rays from the sun from fading the paint job, while protecting it from rocks and road grime that would naturally dull the finish and clear coat of the paint.

One big killer of vehicles value and use is rust. Rust forms when the metal of the car is in contact with a electrolyte, which could be water or salt, and is not covered by a protective coat. Whether that protective coat is in the paint or from the vinyl. We are always in a battle to keep our cars value at its peak for good looks and higher resale.


3. Maintenance

To keep the cars paint job looking shiny and new, one must wash and wax the paint on a regular basis. Waxing is a pretty simple task but could take some time to complete. To wash and wax a car, someone might be spending a few hours making it look pristine.

Vinyl on the other hand requires a fraction of the work. Depending on how dirty the wrap is, on could just simply spray the wrap with a hose to get the dirt and grime off from the car. If it is really dirty all you would have to do is take some soapy water and finish off with wiping it down with some microfiber cloth with 70% alcohol.

Vinyl will let you spend more time showing off your car and driving it around town and less time at the house cleaning it.

4. Versatility

A big reason for using vinyl and why its market share is skyrocketing is that it is so versatile. Just like a paint job, vinyl comes in many colors and finishes. This gives customers versatility to follow the new trends and color schemes without having to shell out a fortune for a new paint every time something needs to change.

Like the look of gloss? Go for it. Feel like adding some matte racing stripes? Why not. Need to print a custom texture on the vinyl? Perfect. I think you are getting the picture.

Dream up any design, colors and textures, let vinyl take care of the rest.
Those are my Top 4 reasons why vinyl for color change projects are the way to go.

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Hi, I'm the Owner of MBT Designs, a creative agency in Chattanooga, TN. I'm all about the creative process and helping others achieve their goals. I'm happily married, have a young daughter and two rowdy dogs. I was project manager for four years at a industry leading wrap shop in Denver, CO before taking this step to bring my talents back to the south.

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